The Benefits of Our Program

Overall, the biggest benefit of our program is that we cover all the bases for you. Starting with contacting creditors and/or collection agencies in the beginning. To assistance with stopping abusive collections calls thru our legal protection program and attorney representation of court proceedings should your case come to that. 

Specifically, here are some of the benefits we offer you:

  • Our first priority is to settle YOUR debt within YOUR budget within YOUR timeframe.  Every case is different and we handle each case that way.  We try to settle your debt within two years or less, but if your circumstances require a different approach, that is how we will handle it.
  • Our overall average cost is 54% of the amount of debt you ask us to settle for you (what we call your “enrolled debt amount”).  That 54% includes paying your creditors as well as our fee.   And our fee is based on state law that sets fee caps and will never exceed 20% of your savings based on the debt amount at time of enrollment.
  • We contact your creditors once you have enrolled to introduce ourselves as your representative company for any negotiations.  Many companies do not contact your creditors until you have paid them enough money to handle your account.
  • With our prepaid legal program, you have a plan to prevent a default judgment and legal representation in court if you are sued.
  • Securing the proper settlement documents is the most important part of the settlement. Many people have made the common mistake of not completing this step! There are some unscrupulous collectors that have sold off your debt after they collect from you. With the proper documents and our Legal Protection Plan we stop them dead in thier tracks! 
  •  Finally, we have a training program to prepare you to gather the necessary evidence to have one of our FDCPA attorneys sue the collector when they violate your rights!


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